Key E-Commerce Trends for 2022 & Beyond
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The year 2021 inspired great change in e-commerce, as a result of the pandemic. In this white paper powered by Spryker Systems, you will get to know the the 2022 trends backed by expert opinions to help you rock the year ahead.

Get inspired by the voices of the experts and dig deep into topics such as digital transformation, composability and modularity, B2B marketplaces, progressive web applications, business agility, AI, sustainability and more.

Insights from 10 Digital Experts:

  • Alex Graf - Co-Founder & CEO, Spryker Systems
  • Lennart A. Paul - B2B Blogger & Founder of Bex
  • Boris Lokschin - Co-Founder & CEO, Spryker Systems
  • Elena Leonova - VP of Product, Spryker Systems
  • Mark Blockhuys - Managing Director, SQLI Digital Experience
  • Yara Molthan - Business Consulting Director, Spryker Systems
  • Jane Magoffin - Ecommerce Strategic Lead, Reload Media
  • Jeroen Bos - Founder & CEO, Ecommerce Result
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur and former Politician

Get your copy of the white paper and discover the key trends in e-commerce to set you up for success in 2022 and beyond.


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