Powering your business with data
The best practices to start with Data Governance


From personalization and product recommendations by retailers, meeting new consumer demands and improving supply chain operations to adding a digital layer to products to create more value. Data is seen as an essential business enabler throughout the supply chain.

What will you learn from the Whitepaper?

This white paper takes a business approach to data. You will learn the best practices, from securing your management’s attention, creating business value and enabling e-commerce, to placing data governance as a practice successfully within your organization.

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • The 5 key insights that will help secure your management’s attention to data governance
  • The hidden data trap behind mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • Increase customer value throughout the supply chain with data governance
  • E-commerce success with product recommendation models
  • Balancing business with data governance
  • Putting data governance into practice in your organization
  • Conclusion

Understand how data governance enables businesses to get the most value out of their data in this insightful publication by SQLI and Stibo Systems.

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