Data Governance Assessment


In our extensive data governance assessment we will look into the processes, roles and policies currently in place in your organization, supporting you to reach digital maturity using the full benefits of data.

The assessment will be carried out in a one-day collaborative workshop with SQLI to map the current situation and plan improvements focused on your objectives. You will receive a scorecard evaluating the digital maturity of your data and a high-level, actionable, recommendation document on how to improve your organization’s data governance.

Through a customized Data Governance assessment, we help leading brands in wholesale, retail, manufacturing and publishing industries to:

  • Identify data management risks and potential opportunities;
  • Build extensive permission frameworks to ensure responsibility and security;
  • Make use of AI and machine learning to automate product descriptions and classification to increase data quality, reduce errors and effort required;
  • Set up collaboration workflows to complete product information and improve operations;
  • Optimize product lifecycle processes;
  • Design data onboarding processes to ensure timely availability and consistency;
  • Follow up on the required certificates and regulations for products traded worldwide;
  • Aggregate customer, product, or supplier data into a centralized location to improve decision making and maximize revenue.

SQLI has over 20 years of MDM experience and dedicated teams of certified experts. Request your custom assessment using the form and we will reach out to set up a meeting.

Make data your most valuable asset


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